myDNA Nutrition analysis will help you understand how your genes affect your body’s response to the nutrition and lifestyle choices you make. Your results are visualised with the help of your own Digital Twin and recommendations are offered to help you stay fit and healthy.

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Live a better life with the help of your DNA

With your personalised DNA test, you can unlock the secrets hidden in your genes and discover how you can adopt a diet that is optimal for you.


Your genes play an important role in how nutrition helps keep your body healthy.


Your genes can tell you if you need nutritional support to detox effectively or not.

Oxidative Stress

Discover nutrition that can help you fight free-radical damage that causes aging.


Find out which nutrients you should increase and which ones to reduce.

Welcome to myDigitalTwin

Knowing your DNA is different from understanding it, that's why we created for you your very own digital twin. A virtual you that walks you through your results with the help of images and clear explanations.

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Tips to stay healthy

You can learn a lot from your DNA analysis

  • A healthy heart can be influenced by levels of triglycerides and cholesterol in your body, but nutrition and lifestyle can help regulate these.
  • Healthy bones can be influenced by your genes and how effectively you absorb Vitamin D and calcium from the sun and your diet.
  • If you train regularly and take extra protein in your diet, find out if you need nutritional support to neutralize any excess homocysteine in your body.
  • Heavy metals are absorbed in our bodies from the environment, discover what nutrition you can take to detox effectively.
  • Your genes can tell you if you are intolerant to gluten and lactose and should therefore switch to gluten-free products or lactose-free milk.
  • We all love coffee, but it’s important to know if caffeine is desirable for your body or if you should switch to decaf.

How to get your DNA analysis

Purchase DNA test

As soon as your order is confirmed, we will send out your DNA test kit directly to you.

Return DNA sample

Once you have accurately collected your saliva sample, simply send it by pre-paid post to the lab.

Access DNA results

When the results are ready, we will email you with your login details to access your digital twin.

Use DNA advice

Explore your digital twin, understand what your DNA results mean, and make better lifestyle choices.

Frequently asked questions

Our digital twin is a digital replica of an individual, presenting actual physical attributes derived from the data stored in DNA. It enables us to visualise this complex data in an intuitive way, so it can be understood and used to help you live a better life. It makes this important information accessible by you.

Taking a DNA sample, when you know how, is actually very simple. The following video shows you how to take your DNA sample correctly.


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As soon as your DNA sample is received it can take up to 4 weeks for the analysis to be complete and made available. However, we do expect to be able to reduce this time to within a week and this remains our goal.

The DNA analysis is carried out by our medically certified laboratory partner in Austria. Here the DNA data and results are produced.

Where we store data is extremely important to us and to you. That’s why we store your data on secured servers in the European Union.

To secure your data we have adopted a number of processes, which include storing your DNA data separately from your contact data and implementing a 2-factor authentication to log in.

No. The analysis and advice provided by your digital twin are for the purpose of lifestyle optimisation only. We do not provide medical services.

smartmelts GmbH is GDPR compliant, which means you control your personal data and how it is used. For further information, please refer to our privacy policy.


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