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Staying healthy takes persistance. We see this in the food we eat, the exercises we do and the lifestyle choices we make, however, knowledge of how to optimise your health is not always clear. We are all individuals after all!

That’s why we offer you the opportunity to create your very own digital twin, a virtual you, using your DNA data to help you optimise your health.

With the help of myDigitalTwin, you can start to better understand which nutrients to reduce and which to increase in order to stay healthy.

Order your personal DNA test kit to your home and gain insights into your genetic predisposition and start optimising your nutrition and lifestyle.

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Your digital twin is designed to help you stay healthy


Start collecting health insights and understand how they can help be used to help you stay healthy.


Based on your unique health insights, your digital twin will help keep you healthy with practical lifestyle advice.


Your digital twin will integrate into your daily life and grow, learn and understand how best to optimise your health.

Nutrition DNA Analysis

You can personalise your digital twin and get individual recommendations, by ordering your DNA test today.

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Exploring your DNA data should be a fun discovery process. Your digital twin will ask you questions that might be of interest to you and then give you the answers if requested.


Knowing your DNA is great, but understanding how to turn those insights into actions is invaluable. After all, the goal is to understand how you can optimise your health based on evidence.


Your privacy is important to us and so to keep your data safe and secure, we have implemented security measures, including using two-factor authentication to protect your account.


The nutrition results from your DNA test and the personalised recommendations you receive are individual to you and based on your own unique genetic traits.

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