Our Vision

Our vision is to empower our customers with deep insights into their bodies and to use that knowledge to recommend practical guidance that can be used to optimise health.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop an intelligent digital-health assistant, to collect and analyse DNA and lifestyle data in order to provide highly personalised recommendations for optimising health, based on scientifically validated evidence.

In addition, we develop and produce effective personalised supplements that have a high bioavailability, have ethically sourced ingredients, and produced to the highest standards.

Why smartmelts supplements?

For many, the idea of swallowing pills on a regular basis is a little off-putting, to say the least. That’s why smartmelts vegan food supplements are designed around fastmelt technology. An innovative method for delivering nutrition in a granulated form, that doesn’t need a hard to swallow capsule or pill. It tastes great, and is highly bioavailable, meaning the nutrition enters your body where it needs it faster.

Meet the founders

It’s fair to say that we are both keen innovators. For many years have seen how technology, put to good use, can have a profound positive effect on society and the people involved. With the availability of technology, coupled with a ferocious appetite for healthy lifestyle, personalised nutrition, and insightful DNA testing, we believe now is the right time for smartmelts.

Scientific advisors

Our scientific advisors operate at the cutting edge of scientific endeavor. Their combined know-how and involvement in the latest nutritional research and lab analysis ensure we are able to design effective nutritional supplements.

Join the team

We are looking for individuals to join our team and help us build smartmelts into a truly global company driven by our vision. If that’s you, please feel free to send us your CV.

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